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Roll your shirts in your suitcase so they take up less room and you will be able to pack more or bring more goodies home! Folding shirts takes up more room and can lead to wasted space, especially if you are going on an extended trip and desire to pack light.

Most experts recommend packing a small medical kit and keeping it in the carry on bag. Items that should be included in the bag include: antiseptic for cuts and scrapes, aspirin, antihistamines, band aids, cold and flu medication, throat lozenges, rehydration solution, antibiotic ointment, anti diarrhea medication, Chap Stick, thermometer, and sun block. There are ready-made made kits available at pharmacies. It is important to check with the airline to make sure that items in the kit can be taken on the plane.

Make it entertaining - Pretty self explanatory. Organize games when you are traveling to keep your kids amused in the course of the trip. Let them be involved whenever possible in choosing the areas which they fre excited about and discover together with them. Respond to every queries they may have with patience.

An best travel pillow 2015 ( can save your neck if you plan to nap on the plane. It will not take up much room in your carry-on, and inflates quickly. You will arrive at your destination without annoying muscle aches in your shoulders, neck, and upper back.

A best neck travel pillow ( provides the perfect cloud of comfort to cradle your neck. No longer will your trip be ruined due to an aching body, and no longer will your head drill the window as the car hits a giant pothole. You will never again have to be embarrassed when your head falls onto the stranger's shoulder beside you because you didn't have a personal pillow. Security will never again turn you away because of the body pillow that you thought was a good idea to bring on the plane ride. A down travel pillow for airplanes can solve all of these problems.

I know when I go on trips in the car I usually have to put my head on the window. I always wake up with a stiff neck. Instead of going through that pain I would have appreciated a best selling travel pillow. The best part is that they're inexpensive. In fact, I was able to find a few best selling travel pillow for less than ten bucks each. Of course the highly recommended pillows have a higher price tag. It all depends on what you're interested in spending on comfort.

The usual in-flight symptoms you may experience are ear-popping, nasal congestion, dehydration, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite (possibly caused by the in-flight food), light-headedness, problems with coordination, concentration problems, confusion, irritability, anxiety, sweating, fatigue, swollen lower legs and feet, and motion sickness. Some of the above symptoms may also be associated with jet lag. In addition, jet lag can also affect your sense of orientation in terms of time and place, as well as disrupt your sense of well-being.

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