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Printing plastic bags is considered as an indispensable service in the activities of businesses and small shops when they want to promote their brands in the market.

Printing logos, advertising information, branding on plastic bags is a form of advertising that is very popular in the current trend. Not only used to store products, gifts but plastic bags also help customers remember their stores or companies.

What is the product quality plastic bag printing?

Plastic bags are not only a commodity, but as the product is attracted by businesses, using them as an advertising channel for the company's brand, it is really a solution. proving The use of plastic bags helps companies, businesses, stores, ... express their style, it brings the message advertising brand products to customers in the fastest and most effective way.

Print plastic bags on food items
The price of plastic bags is also very diversified, depending on the material that the company selects the plastic bags are also different prices. For example, PE plastic milk bags are the most expensive and range from 54,000 VND / kg to 80,000 VND / kg depending on the printed content (the content here refers to the aspect of how many colors, short or long content element does not matter), single-sided or double-sided printing, ... tui-nilon

Another feature that is mentioned when printing cheap plastic bags is the size of the bag. The size of plastic bags of 20-40 cm in túi ni lông width is the same price, but if the plastic bag size is less than 20cm, the cost of printing is increased.

Are you trading a clothing store, a fashion shop, or any item that wants to use plastic bags to carry and promote your brand? Does your company have a customer gratitude program that uses plastic bags to store the gift? You are looking for a place to print cheap plastic bags in Hanoi. Come to us to be used service design and printing plastic bags best.

Cheap plastic bags are commonly used materials in the market:

báo giá in túi ni lông PE is usually used for printing plastic bags containing clean stones, clean vegetables, rice bags, food containers and other kinds of industrial and agricultural products.
in túi ni lông HD usually used for clothing bags, supermarket bags, fashion shoes, food bags, bank bags ...
PP printing is usually used for cream bags, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, sugar bags, gold coins, etc.
Come to VIACOM, you are:

Printing quality: We use the most advanced printing technology in Vietnam to produce high quality products

Design quality: Our design team are well-trained artists from Vietnam's leading Universities of Fine Arts.

Time to complete: We commit to finish the product in a timely and timely manner. Delivery to customers

Competitive price: We guarantee print prices are always reasonable and stable

Customer Service: Friendly, friendly consultant

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