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Leads are worth gold in the network marketing industry! They are the seeds that can increase your business yet, as I'm certain you know, they are not simple to come by unless of course you're utilizing an efficient lead generation method.
There are plenty of marketers out there that think buying leads is the way to go, I disagree. You can spend countless amounts of money on leads that are secondhand, irrelevant to your market, and basically a waste of time. See, you never know what you're going to get when you buy leads, so buyer beware.
Naturally if you have free flowing income, you could invariably hire an M.L.M lead generation company to do it all for you. That's a good idea if the product you're selling gives you a big profit, like, say $1500 per unit, and you might get a qualified lead for maybe $10. Then again, competition for anything that pays a $1500 commission is going to be pretty stiff, and you will definitely have to be an exceptionally good closer.
Let's be real though, the vast majority of network marketers aren't earning such sweet commissions, so in the end, buying leads or employing a company will simply eat away at your profits, and if you imagine you can get away with acquiring the most inexpensive leads know that their quality will be doubtful, so for the most part, it isn't the best lead generation strategy you could make. So then what can you do about this?
The #1 method for generating Leads for Network Marketing
Thank goodness, there is a better way. Theres FREE leads! The one ability that you need to learn to master is how to generate leads yourself. Now If you've never tried this before or have tried and failed miserably, it's because you need to have a system that will take you by the hand and show you the most effective way to generate those leads.
If you've invested any time on the web you know there are many "systems" which have entered the market lately and the vast majority of those systems are nothing but hype and have vanished into the abyss.
Be of good cheer, there's light at the end of this tunnel! There actually are some established "leads for network marketing" systems out there that have thankfully, been around for a while and weathered the test of time. The best are run by fellow network marketing industrialists who use the system themselves, and know precisely what we need to succeed in our industry.
Come to be a problem solver
The very last thing you want to do when prospecting for leads would be to offer your product to everyone and anyone with a heartbeat, most won't listen to you, and the one's you have to convince will most likely not be the type of producer you really want to work with. The secret is to find out what people's issues are and present your product as a solution to that problem.
Once you've recognized what the need is, you then begin to build a connection and eventually offer your product to help them. Patience is the key here, in this business, it's better to be a jogger than a sprinter. The concept I've just described is the basis of attraction marketing and is a sound principle and model for the success of your network marketing business.
Once you find someone that communicates an interest, you merely develop a relationship, and before long, present your product or opportunity to them.
This is why attraction marketing is so effective, it's a great model for engaging in business.
What to consider in a lead generating system.
You'll find literally thousands of individuals in this industry who are either having difficulties in network marketing or people who need assistance to even get started. And they're realizing that using the internet to market their company can be profitable, but they don't really know how it all works.
What you're looking for is a system this is not just about M.L.M lead generation but something that covers all you need to get you started in the most targeted way.
You want to find a fully customizable system, not quite plug-and-play, you want to have some creative control with the ability to tailor it to brand yourself.
What does a good Network Marketing System offer?
The most effective systems available provide you with the following:
A funded offer which will boost your money flow via follow up e-mail messages that contain your affiliate links.
A member's only back office that offers marketing training, weekly coaching calls and webinars given by the top players in the network marketing industry.
A customizable attraction marketing system that does a large part of the challenging work for you, even while you sleep.
Video and Article marketing training and the resources to get you stated.
Highly profitable affiliate products so you can create multiple streams of income.
A good autoresponder system that ties your marketing funnel all together.
Nobody ever said that finding and converting leads for your network marketing business was easy. However, having a good lead generating system can produce a world of difference in the success of your business.

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