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Gone are the days when women used to feel shy to ask for sexual pleasures. Today women are much bolder and desire a satisfying sex life. Most men out there feel they know the secret to satisfy a girl when the truth is, they don't. A girl's expectation is much different than a man's. She is more of an emotional creature and needs to connect with her man before the sexual act. Satisfying a woman is nothing less than a skill and a man with the right skills is all set to become the prince of her heart.

Here are 3 ways to satisfy a girl in bed.

The brain is one of most important organ that needs to be aroused to satisfy a girl. If a girl is mentally not prepared, no amount of foreplay will help. Speak well to her; spend some quality time before you indulge in sex. Appreciate her and let her know that you here to love her.

Begin the sexual act by getting close to her. Shower her with lots of kisses and hugs. Kiss her all over the body gradually and gently. If you have any type of questions concerning where and just how to use Call Girls in Lahore, you could contact us at the page. Eventually caress her tender and sensitive parts like breast, inner thighs and neck. This will pep her for the act and you can see her get bolder in bed.

Once you have aroused her, slowly get going towards her vagina. Vagina is the most sensitive part of woman's body. Finger her, or use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris. With the help of your fingers you can reach her g spot situated within the vagina. Once you see her orgasm, penetrate and let her reach multiple orgasm.

When it comes to sex, girls consider it as a part of love. Do remember to shower loads of love on her. Be there for her apart from sex as well. Bring variety to your sex life and see her moan every time you go to bed.

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