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Why? With small, some simple spotlights highlighting the visual panels of the booth and a little greenery carefully arranged in front of the trade show booth, along with a matching carpet of pale gray and a couple of folding directors' chairs, this trade show booth was a virtual oasis in a sea of color noise. And people literally flocked to it. Because it was different.


I stopped short of investigating 12-volt fixtures, except to find out that they step down the amount of energy being used to a lower voltage, and thus are more energy efficient. They require a transformer to convert the 120-volt household current to 12 volts, and they may require hardwiring (although one artist I know found a 12-volt fixture with a built-in transformer which she was able to plug into a 120-volt outlet. A 12-volt fixture accommodates very efficient bulbs that offer a variety of wattages and beam spreads, including the 50-watt MR-16, which is popular in galleries.


What if your colors are less bold, more pastel, even white and black? These are great too! Especially when everyone else's trade show booths are shouting COLOR! COLOR! COLOR! One of the most successful trade show booths ever for a Fortune 500 company was white and pale gray, with hints of red and black set against some gorgeous visuals.

But there are certain elements and principles that we should look for in a design to determine whether the design and layout of the material will be able to carry the message across effectively to the readers and your potential market. The main aim of every design material related to advertising or promotion is either to sell something, promote something or brand a company.


o Confirm the dimension of your exhibition booth with your organizers and design it in a way to make full utilization of the space available. Make sure the entrance is wide and devoid of any barriers so that visitors can flow in and out smoothly.

One of the most challenging and exciting part of marketing a brand, company or service is to arrange for an exhibition or display that would successfully stand out in the trade show. The most important factor in the business world is promotion through events and displays about product. And the main aim of every trade event is to makes an unique and noticeable exhibition with the help of a perfectly designed exhibition stand. Even if your company provides high-quality products or services, a poorly designed booth can never successfully attract customers to your exhibition event.

Good lighting is a main ingredient of a successful trade-show booth. Just the right lighting system can help an artist create the atmosphere of a fine-craft gallery. This will lure gallery owners off the isles and into your booth � the first step toward making a sale.


. 2 Cord and Plug Sets, Portfolio brand, Item #120827, to power track from a standard AC wall outlet. I connected these to the end of the two of the track sections by unscrewing the covering on one side of the track. Total: $17.06


o Always remember that graphics or images can effectively convey your company's message without the use of heaps of unnecessary texts. Therefore, while designing your exhibit stand, you must make use of attractive graphic displays with regards to the preferences and interests of your target audience. Make sure the images are large enough to be seen clearly even from a distance, and positioned at a perfect height so that it is not obstructed by visitors in your booth.


And that's another way to have an extremely effective, powerful trade show booth design. Get sneaky! Find out what your competition's up to. Then do the opposite! This is a sure way to compel people to your booth. You'll stand out and people will just have to find out why, what you're up to.


There are so many different approaches to hanging lights, and so many variables to consider, that it could be a topic for another article. In general, you can hang or clip lights onto a cross bar or onto the �hard walls� of your display if you have them. Depending on the rules of a particular trade show and the size your lighting system, you may be permitted to attach the lights to the booth�s existing pipe and drape.


Unlike web publishing, using images in the design of your brochures, flyers, menus, company profiles is always a good idea. Enticing your customers with useful pictures or diagrams that illustrates your point or including pictures of your products in the design of your marketing stuff is encouraged. Be careful and weary of using stock photos from the web for your marketing material. One, the resolution of such images (those that you can get off the Internet) is never good enough for printing purposes. Two, you’ll get in trouble with the people who actually owns the rights to those images. So, if possible, if you want to use pictures or illustrative images in your design, it’s best to either get the pictures for the design yourself (with your digital camera) or you should just purchase it.

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