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Bali is the most popular overseas destination for Australian families, the primary reason why – it's so easy. It is in close proximity to us, affordable, has good accommodation and abundance of remarkable cafe choices, plus gorgeous weather and people.

We have got our kids to Bali (at times by myself) since they were babies and now the eldest is six we've tallied up at the very least six trips. For anyone thinking of venturing to the paradise, listed below are my tips about things to consider.

Consider what sort of accommodation will suit your family. A room with balcony that faces onto a pool or garden is advisable as you can sit outside while your toddler naps and you are not stuck indoors for hours. Trust me I learnt this the hard way. When you yourself have a child and are staying at a hotel or villa with a pool, most don't have pool fences so consider ways to protect your youngster, e.g. book a room upstairs. Individuals with babies requiring a port-a-cot, ensure that you request this whenever you book your accommodation. I never brought my own and had no problems – one less thing to hold!

Choose the location where you remain in Bali carefully. If you'd like busy and noisy visit Kuta. If you'd like bigger holiday resorts try Nusa Dua. My preference is Seminyak because it is busy but much more relaxed and boutique style, e.g. villas and world class eating. If you want to really escape the hustle and bustle head up to beautiful Ubud for a remote retreat.

Pool Toys
Bring your personal pool floatation devices to offer some freedom. Also pack some bath or pool toys to keep them entertained. They are light to pack and you will have hours of fun in between playing with frangipanis that float through the pool and meeting other kids. Bliss. I usually bring some other small toys and drawing equipment to provide them some inside activities to have a break from sunlight or the rain.

This isn't for all but it is something I highly recommend. On my last trip to Bali I was traveling solo with my 5 and 2 yo and a recommended nanny came to greatly help me for a couple of hours each afternoon. It had been the very best $AUD 12 I spent. I really could go get a rub and pop into the supermarket or Circle K to obtain some supplies while my son had his afternoon nap.

Child friendly dining in Bali is a breeze. The Balinese genuinely believe that the younger a kid could be the closer they are to God. I have discovered if ever I've gone into a restaurant in Bali the staff of both genders and all ages, always dote and play with my children. It surely makes you are feeling, welcomed, relaxed and happy. My favourite places to dine with toddlers in Seminyak include: La Lucioala which will be directly on the beach in order that toddlers can run and play on the grass in front as you dine. Motel Mexicola is very good in the event that you go early. The style of the area is a sensory overload. Your little one will undoubtedly be amazed by the colours and have a great time dancing, when you have a margarita. Being lively entails your toddler's noise blends in.

Denpasar airport
This is a new modern airport and my experience has been that families get fast tracked through. You should buy a visa on arrival in the terminal. For more on nanny in bali look at the web-site. Follow the signs and ensure you have 35 USD each for the visa. I always organise US dollars before I fly out.

Bali is a fantastic destination for you yourself to start traveling together with your child. It's put up for tourists and your every need as a new family is catered for. I hope my Bali with Toddlers tips provide you some inspiration and confidence to see this beautiful place.

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