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Drive the life 7 with a brand-new software structure, deepen and optimize the basic function, realize the overall improvement of the program performance; Refresh the new software interface layout, highlight the key function of driving, the operation is more simple and smooth. Driver-driven 7 new design of peripheral drivers, can be described as mobile phones, printers and other peripherals to provide a clear, convenient installation and management. The powerful download acceleration of multiple network acceleration engines allows you to maintain a stable download speed in different network environments.

\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;Drive life update log:

Driving life

1. New WeChat public number feedback channel;

2, Win10 graphics driver installation optimization;

3, optimize the driver installation and feedback logic;

Drive Life update date:

1. Performance optimization, experience is better;

2. Fix known bugs;

Drive Life

Update log:

1, optimize user technical support function

2, optimize the driver installation process

3, fix some bugs

Drive Life 6.6.5 8.150

Updated: 2017-02-20

Update log:

1, strengthen user technical support

2, optimize the drive display and installation

3, optimize mobile phone repair

4, fix some bugs

Driving life

Updated: 2016-12-08

1, update and optimize the drive query

2, optimize the driver version selection

3, optimize the video card installation process

4, fix some bugs

Drive life

Updated: 2016-10-13

1, optimize the hardware detection function

2, optimize the peripheral driver installation

3, optimize VR device detection

4, optimize the driver uninstall function

5, fix some bugs

Drive Life

Updated: 2016-08-12

1. Optimize the system-driven repair process

2. Optimize the peripheral driver installation method to improve the driver installation success rate

3. Improve the driver uninstall function

4 optimize the interface user experience

Driving Life 6

Updated: 2016-06-02

1. Optimize device driver query rules

2. Optimize the installation flow of some device drivers

3 optimize the uninstall interface effect

5. Optimize the installation interface

6. Optimize the interface user experience

Driving life

1. Optimize the installation of usb3.0 driver

2. Optimize the installation flow of some device drivers

3. Increase vr device detection

4 optimize the uninstall interface effect

5. Optimize the drive recommendation logic

6. Optimize the interface user experience

Drive Life

Date of renovation: 2016-04-06

1. Optimize system error repair function

2. Optimize the driving recommendation rules of some systems

3. Add new skin

4 optimize the driver uninstall function

5. Optimize the interface user experience

Drive life 6.4.3 5.124

Date of renovation: 2016-01-12

1, optimize the user experience

2, optimize the query process

Driving life

Date of renovation: 2016-01-06

1, increase the machine identification

2, optimize the peripheral drive function

3, optimize the software uninstall mechanism

Drive Life Change Log

1. Enhance part of peripherals and repair functions, such as U disk, optical drive

2. Enhanced system bus repair

3 repair the local drive in the selection of driver error BUG

Drive Life 6 Release Notes

1. Peripherals use new modules

2. Solve some driver installation BUG

3. Add comprehensive functional documentation

Drive Life Update Content

Release notes

1. Increase support for win10 systems

2 modify the interface display

3 optimize the driver installation process, improve the overall installation speed

4. Repair some BUG

Drive Life Update Content

1. Optimized driver installation rules for some systems

2. Optimized drive query speed

3. Optimized the refresh of the drive backup page

4 repair hardware drive detection status BUG

Drive Life Update Content

1. Solve some abnormalities in the drive query

2. Fixed some bugs in hardware detection

3. Provide better user feedback and problem help

Drive Life Update Instructions

1. Fixed some cases of abnormal client crashes

2. Add device driver support

3. Fixed known bugs

Drive Life 6 update instructions:

1. Adjusted some of the sound card driver installation process

2. Fix bugs in some paths

3 optimize the query speed

Drive Life 6 update instructions:

1. Repair part of the driver can not download properly

2. Add graphics driver repair and update solutions

3. Part of the interface detection optimization

Drive Life 6 update instructions:

1. Home page new activity theme

2. Added agent networking function in software settings

3. Update the rules of the device evaluation function

4. Some tips for optimizing user feedback

Drive Life 6 Change Log

1. Interface section icon adjustment and operation optimization

2. The new driver installation fails after the repair strategy

Drive Life 6 Change Description

1. Fix missing rules when evaluating equipment

2. Support for cross-system download driver after new device evaluation

3. Enhanced driver backup data integrity of win7 and above systems

4. Optimized the drive query rules for some devices

Drive Life 6 Change Description

1. Optimize the drive evaluation of the device

2. Added driver manual installation function

3. Fix the problem of some driver installation failures in Win8 system

Drive Life 6 Change Description

1, the peripheral part to increase the camera repair function

2. Part of the driver exception caused by file loss in the repair system

3, optimize the partial driver after the uninstallation installation process

Drive Life 6 Change Log

1, improve the device status refresh, reduce the Caton phenomenon

2, optimize service startup efficiency

3、Improve the driving evaluation strategy of dual-graphics notebooks

Drive Life 6 Change Log

1, adjust the drive query mechanism to solve the problem of the new dual-graphics notebook can not be driven

2, modify the drive backup, restore and uninstall rules to improve operational efficiency

Drive Life 6 Change Log

1. Solve the problem of inaccurate matching of some device drivers

2, solve the installation network printer popup system wizard

3, the software module is independent software manager, running more smoothly

Drive Life 6 Change Log

1, optimize the drive query process, improve the query speed

2, improve the drive recommendation mechanism to support more device driver updates

3, user feedback increase reply remind

4、Optimize the service protection process and solve the problem of failed repair of system services under special circumstances

5. Solve the problem that some old users cannot upgrade properly

Drive Life Change Description

1, modify the drive protection, increase the service detection function

2, modify the software interface details, optimize the operation tips

3, optimize the download thread to solve the failure of resuming mordvinsteva breakpoints

Drive Life 5 Version Changelog

Drive Life Release Notes

1, modify the problem of setting out of sync

2. Improve network initialization under 64-bit systems

3, modify the interface details

Drive Life 5 Update:

1, solve the initialization failure caused by the driver query exception

Drive Life 5 What's New:

1. Modified the matching rules of the software to solve the detection error of the installed software

2, modified the hardware module startup sequence

Drive Life What's New:

1, modify the popular software display

2, hardware detection increase microblogging sharing function

Drive life version update log:

1, perfect support for Windows 8.1 preview

2. Perfect support for Server 2012 R2 preview

Drive the life version update log:

1, optimize the download module, improve cell network download

2. Fix the crash of some systems

3, fix the problem of stuck progress when refreshed [2013-05-15]

1, optimize the detection of brand information to make the results more accurate

2, fix Wifi share does not save the user's password

Drive Life Date: 2013-03-08

1. Fix the blank of hardware detection information in specific environment

2, optimize the program's system resources

3, qalibaf solve the XP SP2 AMD driver installation blue screen

4, to solve the backup usb (click the next web site) list time sequence dislocation phenomenon

Drive life

1, optimize the configuration acquisition method, speed up the startup speed

2. Increase the maximum number of tasks for software download

Update log: [2013-1-9]

1, new brand machine random software download

2, optimize the drive and software download, operation and download smoother

3, instant display system software installation uninstall status

4, repair some computer interface display details

Version: 5.2.31202 Date: 2012-12-17

1, increase the drive protection log function

2. Improve the phenomenon of slower download initialization

3, effectively reduce the CPU consumption in standby mode

4, improve the hardware real-time information refresh rate

5. Initial support for Intel Haswell and Ivy Bridge E/EP

Driving Life Date: 2012-11-20

1, support for AMD 'Vishera' processor

2, improve the hardware real-time information refresh rate

3, optimize the page information display speed

Drive Life New Life Calendar Feature

Version: Date: 2012-09-24

1. New sound card repair function, when the sound card is driven normally, when the sound card still cannot be used, the sound card is automatically repaired

2. New perpetual calendar function, which can facilitate the query of functions such as lunar calendar, holidays, holiday arrangements, weeks, and weather

3, optimize mobile device status detection, detection more timely and more accurate

4, optimize the driver installation module, the same device is installed multiple times, faster

5, click on hardware module information, provide more detailed hardware information

Update log: Version [2012-08-21]

1, new drive protection function, protect the driver is not destroyed

2, new Win8 RTM version dedicated driver, more perfect support for Win8

3, repair individual models of desktop computers can not start life-driven problems

4, optimize the notebook model detection, perfect support for Apple Computer's driver installation

5, modify the software home page interface, so that the operation is more streamlined

Update log: version [2012-07-30]

1, added traditional language support

2, new infrared device updates

3. Added hardware detection support for the Sandy Bridge platform

4. When the driver query is incomplete when the new network is busy, the user is prompted to re-query the driver

5, repair individual notebook model detection inaccurate problem

6, optimize the description of the hardware name, make the description more accurate

7, optimize the driver installation module, drive the installation process is more smooth

Update log: Version [2012-07-17]

1, optimize the mobile device module, mobile device detection is more accurate

2. Fix the download module to solve the problem that the software in the software housekeeper cannot be downloaded and the driver download is not smooth

3, repair driver installation process, individual graphics card installation is complete, but the interface has been showing the status of the installation is wrong

Update log: version: [2012-06-29]

1. Solve the problem that some users cannot adjust the resolution after installing the graphics card in win xp

2. The drive letter error cannot be repaired when the U disk of an individual model is inserted

3, change the default settings: backup drive before installing the driver

4, optimize the click re-detect (refresh) button, the hardware detection mechanism

5, increase the HDMI sound card detection software housekeeper

6, optimize the software detection mechanism, software detection faster

7, optimize the software download error processing mechanism

8, optimize the software uninstall function software classification, classification more accurate

Driving life version: [2012-05-25]

1. Enhanced driver library, providing driver installation for all devices that are not driven (including USB devices, various peripherals, etc.)

2. Problems that some user-driven queries fail when repairing dual graphics cards with Intel+ATI

3, repair some notebooks, will show two camera problems

4. Fix the problem that some users cannot use USB3.0 after installation

5, optimize the download module to repair the problem of individual users to download a file repeatedly

Driving life version: [2012-04-20]

1, increase the sound card driver update query mechanism, so that win7 users can use a stable sound card driver

2, increase the sound card driver installation mechanism, automatically adjust the front panel settings for the user

3, increase support for usb3.0 driver

4, optimize the device detection mechanism, can better support the system all hardware device detection, drive query more accurate

5, optimize the download module to solve the problem of some users download the driver during the program exit and the driver has downloaded and repeated download

6, optimize the driver installation mechanism, to avoid the user in the installation process due to the number of installation, the order caused by the driver installation failed

7, repair individual users download the driver is a file error

8, optimize the interface part of the content, give users more specific tips

Driving Life Version :[2012-04-01]

1, increase the driver installation file removal mechanism will regularly eliminate unnecessary driver files

2, modify the process of operating on some hardware drivers

3, the problem of driving the drive to unload automatically leads to the problem

4. Fix the problem that the USB driver cannot be used when uninstalling the USB device driver

5, repair some hardware device backup failed

6, repair display error display of two monitors

7, repair agent test card die

8, optimize the driver installation method, solve the problem of failure to install the driver directly after uninstalling the driver

9, optimize the part of the interface display

Driving life version [2012-3-23]

1, enhanced hardware detection capabilities, perfect support win8 system hardware detection

2. If the newly added network is not good, the user is prompted to re-query the driving mechanism

3, enhance the drive backup mechanism, make the drive more reliable restore, and repair some user-driven restore problems

4, increase the driver installation mechanism to repair some drivers can not automatically install the problem

5, optimize the download module, repair part of the driver due to operator problems caused unable to download (or download endless) error

6, modify the driver download file, software download file is a readable file name

7, fix some Intel graphics can not be installed

8, fix win7 system driver uninstall problem

Driving Life Edition: [2012-03-07]

1, fully support the installation of windows 8 system, solve the software running in windows 8 all problems

2, add three sets of skin options: win8 style, pink style, wood grain style

3, fix the driver restore function can not add the backup driver list before the problem

4, repair the error of the sound card installed on the individual graphics card driver

5, repair the software interface display part of the problem

Driving life version: [2012-02-28]

1. Fix the problem that the individual software installation status in the software function is displayed incorrectly

2. Fix the problem of driving people's death after deleting the backup on individual user's computer

3, repair-driven life in the compatibility mode, the monitoring column display problems

4, the logic of the existence of repair software

5, repair part of the user feedback to drive the life opportunity to automatically pop up the program

6, repair-driven life in the start due to network problems led to driving the basic information of life has been initialized

Driving life version: [2012-02-21]

1, the first time after repair and reinstall the system to run the drive to get no backup information error

2. Fix the problem that the software will exit under special operation

3, repair agent function

4, optimize the driver download module, download speed increased by 50%

5, add a new sound card settings recovery function, update the sound card, sound card settings restored to the pre-update state

6, new software search function, you can directly search for the software you want to download

7. Add a lot of notebook brand drivers: Lenovo, Thinkpad, ASUS, Dell, HP, Acer, Apple, Sony

Driving Life Edition: [2012-02-06]

1. Fix the problem of inaccurate system detection when operating in a compatible operating system mode to drive life

2. Fix the bug that drives life 2012 with network card version unable to drive some network cards

3, optimize the hardware overview of computer information display content

4, optimize the software download module, drive download speed doubled

5, add compatible drive life 2010 drive backup

Drive Life Edition [2012-01-12]

1. Optimize the order of installed software prerequisites and display the software to be installed to the front

2、Optimize the rules for installing the software in the installation prerequisite

3, optimize the installation of the necessary operating methods

4, when the repair software pieces download, click on the suspension will be stuck

5, fix the problem of outdoor temperature detection in hardware detection

6. Inconsistent temperature alarm settings in the hardware overview column and the hardware temperature column in the repair hardware detection

7. Fix the issue that when individual users have no CPU core information in the hardware detection


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