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Not to mention the fees, I don't even understand it could be over my original quote. They CALL me to allow ME KNOW my container was to be delivered on N date between N and N hour. My final pickup of the container will probably be around 10/2/17, which places me. Here is the actual kicker thoughthey will send to the speech, the house of my relative. It ends up that the initial order was recorded, but they had the wrong email address, thus I never received any information. Upon entry of the square footage from the PODI determined that I would need place and known as back to ask to add a 7' POD to my order to get a 16' POD. So, we started a brand new purchase. 500 for both pods for delivery and storage charges and a re-delivery fee for my 2nd pod after the initial one was picked up (that I had been to only be billed for 1 pod which was sent ). 5 miles away but never was advised of these charges. 180 delivery commission, also, never disclosed to me.

Called 9/20/17 to verify shipping of container to Ca address. Since pods took to pick up They're container Because of their understaffing and lack of customer support, I was fined by HOA. PODS sent out someone to examine it but apparently they are unable to correct the doorway onsite. You're warned to get insurance but it just covers the true POD. My yard was destroyed by them when sending the POD. Placed the POD to load at a place that was difficult. We (my spouse, the owners of the property) tried to explain that the only real place to put another POD was in front of the first POD. First the driver struck my house together with the POD. First off, this was a costly choice, although it made the most sense at the time- we had been moving into Arkansas from one side of their country, staying with a relative while we hunted for a house.

I was not advised that pickup from this company is first come first serve. I am warning everyone in south Florida. With just a few drivers at south Florida the business is not able to meet any deadlines that their customers have. I have yet to speak to anyone in this business that isn't a complete idiot and I have probably talked to over 20 people. Still waiting to get my phone and phoning my time and energy being put on no transfers that are warm and hold whatsoever and having to repeat myself over the transfers. They were advised by me the vendor over the phone told me that the 1st month was free due to a particular they had. When I was on the phone with the rep (who had been handsome ), he asked me where I would be moving . Escalation was asked for by me, they told me that they emailed the Rock PODS facility, however, my request was denied yet again.

For I'm sure it won't be long until somebody corrects the large number of clients be cautioned PODS you have CHEATED! I have a family, along with our possessions must be here in CA together. I am here working, anyhow with many of my household things in Toledo. Here is more information in regards to chicago movers craigslist take a look at the webpage. Im disappointed, it doesn't seem that it has gone well, and that I am not close to getting my stuff. From my understanding, I was still charged the fee for the bigger one.They refused to pickup container once I needed them to. After calling to have it delivered 10/12/17 Container was delivered. Delivered the next POD. For using the POD for 13 days, because the days spanned two distinct months 205 and they don't prorate as a coverage. Then as soon as they dropped off it they said that they could not pick it up for 5 times. I moved with my family across country and I was given an estimated date of arrival which has been 9 days off by them.

After the POD reached its final destination they were way sooner than they stated waking the entire neighborhood up before 7am using the horn of this truck. 2400 I already paid to move the POD) That's extortion! For creating my transfer a nighmare SHAME ON YOU PODS. I said that it was not useful to find that out today, I had the money back in my card to use it. Since I guarantee one regret it never use them! PODS is a disorganized corporation that does not care in the slightest about their customers. When I contact PODS, I can not seem to find a straight answer on anything. It appears everyday I get:a new invoice from PODS". The pricing has tripled to get my own POD. So today I'm not going to receive my stuff ( if it comes today ) until 9/30/17!

Obviously it was likely to become professional." . Of course I already did that. I was unable to help it, which costed longer time to load, because of the additional time it took to be delivered. However, I had been told that I'll be charged for it. Certainly inconveniencing the consumer and causing more expenses to be incurred by them due their equipment error make sense doesn't it? 1. When POD came and was picked up in my house in NY the trucks equipment damaged our driveway. I wasted some time being home waiting to make sure it would be delivered/ picked up. 10/16/17: empty container had been picked up. I needed to alter my container. Called 9/29/17 and Lesha spoke together, and she said the container had left Toledo on 9/27/17 because that was the date that was scheduled, and that it wouldn't arrive until 10/11/17!

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