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Some of the sexiest, hottest films and videos of them all feature sex scenes without any sex. Check out four scenes featuring clitoral orgasms without touching the lady in any way!

This is really because the writer, director, and producer have chosen to make use of the imagination to make scenes which will stay in the viewer's head for many years. These scenes are indelibly imprinted inside brain - the largest sex organ of the body.

If I were the director or writer, listed here are several scenes I'd put in a movie.

Scene One. It opens, showing a guy kissing a lady which has a powerful, hot kiss. The guy asks the woman if she's ready for something really, hot, imaginative, and amazing. She responds that she is ready. He asks her to venture to be employed in her lawyer without underclothes. He also picks out the clothes she must wear to operate. Since she has a meeting with the partners and has to appear in the courtroom for an important case, she wonders if this describes the morning to get this done.

She puts around the white shirt, not see-through but fairly sheer. She also slides for my child dress leaving her panties within the drawer. Since she's got huge breasts, high along with prominent nipples, she wonders how this can opt for her partners and the judge.

She would go to the meeting and gets some interesting looks. In court, the judge raises his glasses and peers down at her dress and shirt, but thinks maybe he shouldn't say anything right then.

She is feeling powerful, sexy, and wet!

Scene Two. Her guy calls her at noon and provide her another assignment. He tells her that she must invite some guy, a stranger to visit down for my child. She must do that before she gets home at 5 o'clock. Obviously, the partner's meeting will not be the spot to do that, nor a legal court. As she walks a final block to court, she sees a guy leering at her shirt, and what's under her shirt.

She walks around him and asks him if likes what according to him. He nods, stunned, she is that their brazen. Next she asks him if he'd want to take her shirt off. Numbly, he shakes his head up and down. Next, she asks him if he'd love to take her skirt off and see that they doesn't have panties. He cannot even move. His eyes just stare. Then, she asks if he'd love to go down on her. He is shaking and almost collapses. Before he answers, she rapidly moves away.

She is shaking, so wet, and needs to convulse. She gathers herself and goes to court. All day, she's wracked which has a sexual fever, wet, and not able to touch herself. Several times she seems around the verge of release.

Scene Three. She arrives home and she or he tells him how wet and excited she's. He tells her the following assignment is to visit a bar. She has a shower, but wears exactly the same outfit. At the bar, he tells her she is to simply tell him the sexiest and naughtiest thing she gets ever done. She undergoes the escapade, blow by blow, and they are generally both shaking, excited, and ready to use it.

Scene Four. They go to a different bar and take a moment. He now lets us know what he is going to do to her, detail by detail whenever they get home. He will have fun with her ears, and push his long tongue inside. He then will cup her firm breasts and pull about the nipples. Then, he's going to leave her with an effective, hot kiss. Next, he will lose her wet skirt and leave her with the kiss she wants - right between her legs.

She starts to sweat, convulse, and then shake. She has a complete clitoral orgasm right in the bar. Several guys have a look at her, but she doesn't care. She's worked hard just for this all day long and she's going to have fun here.

The moral in the story is - excite the brain and you also excite our bodies.

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