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The installation system is a topic for computer enthusiasts to talk about. Nowadays, most of the installation systems use U-disc systems, which are simple, quick, and convenient. They do not require optical drives. Both desktop computers and notebooks can be installed using a USB flash drive. All versions of the system. How to install Win8.1 U disk? This is a question that many novices friend asks most often, today Pepsi net Xiao Bian brings to everyone is the U disk to install Win8.1 graphic tutorial, the actual demonstration is the U disk installs the ISO original Win8.1 system, the specific method procedure as follows.

U disk how to install Win8.1 graphic detailed U disk installation Win8.1 tutorial

One, U disk installation Win8.1 preparation:

1, first need to prepare a U disk, the capacity needs to be greater than 4GB, preferably 8GB or more. This is mainly due to the production of U disk boot needs to occupy about 300M U disk space, in addition to Win8.1 system image files need to occupy about 4G space.

2, the U disk into a boot disk (you can use U master, old peach, computer stores, large packages and other U disk boot production tools to complete the production of a key.

3, the downloaded Win8.1 system mirror (file name is usually cn_windows_8.1_pro_vl_x64_dvd.iso) like copied to the disk has been made into a U disk boot U disk.

Here simply to talk about the U disk in the above second step into a boot disk, this article takes the U Master tool as an example, teach everyone how to make a U disk into a boot disk, the specific method is as follows.

First, insert the USB flash drive into the computer's USB port, and then download the U master (download address, everyone knows about Baidu) in the computer. After the download is complete, install and run it directly. The interface after the operation is as shown below. First select the location in the U disk, select the U disk we plug into the computer (the author here demonstrates the 8GB U disk), and then click on the bottom of the 'USB production start', as shown below:

U disk into boot disk method

After that, you will be prompted to make a U disk into a boot disk, which will format the U disk and empty all data. Therefore, if there are important data in the U disk before, please backup in advance, and then click to continue to this step, wait for a while, that is, You can see that the USB flash drive was successfully booted.

Detailed tutorial: How to make a U disk boot disk U disk system production and installation tutorial

Second, set the U disk as the first startup item

After the above preparations are completed, we can restart the computer (U disk still needs to be inserted in the computer), then an important step here is to set the first boot entry for the U disk, where you need to restart the computer, and then Enter the BIOS setup startup item settings, change the default hard disk as the first boot item, change it to U disk, and save it.

U disk is set as the first startup item in Bios

Since desktops, laptops, and various brands of computers enter the first boot entry in the BIOS setup, there are some details in the method, so friends who don't understand can read in detail:

\u0026gt;\u0026gt;. How to set the USB flash drive to boot the computer

Third, U disk installation Win8.1 tutorial

1. In the second step above, the U disk is set as the first startup item, and after saving and exiting, the computer will automatically restart, and then you can enter the initial interface of the U Master installation system, in the initial interface of the U master installation system as follows: , we select the first item: run U master Win8pe Lite (old computer, you can choose to run the second item), select, press the Enter key (Enter key) to confirm the operation, as shown below:

2, then will enter the PE operating interface, but due to the need to load the virtual disk, so you need to wait for some time, usually a good configuration of the new computer, loading time takes about 40s, and some older computers with low configuration, slow loading , it may take about 2 minutes. At this time, please wait for the loading to complete, do not perform any operation, as shown below:

3. After waiting for the above virtual disk to load, you can enter the PE interface. The PE interface is similar to the Winows interface and is relatively simple to operate. After entering the PE interface, we wait for a while, after which it will automatically pop up a 'U master one-click quick installation' tool, if you accidentally close the pop-up tool, you can also click on the desktop, 'U master a key fast Install \u0026rdquo; shortcuts can be run. At this point, the operation is relatively simple. First, select the installation source, browse through, find the Win8.1 system image file stored in the U disk between us, and then select the image name, select the Win8 system Version, then select and then install the system in the C drive, after the end, you can click on the 'Start' \u0026 rdquo;, as shown below.

U disk installation Win8.1 tutorial step diagram

4, in the previous step after clicking start, the following figure will prompt the pop-up interface, here we just need to select the default on the line, the installation will format the C drive, so readers must be sure to confirm friends, C drive has no important information , then click OK as shown below.

5, next we can see the formatting system C disk tips, where we need to operate, static, etc. can be completed, as shown below:

Next, you will see the progress of the automatic completion. Note that these operations are automatic. Please do not touch the U disk and operate the mouse. Otherwise, it may result in an error and wait for its completion.

6. When the above entry operation is completed, you will see the following prompt, where the meaning of the system has been initialized and installed, to the need to restart the computer to continue. Note, see this prompt interface, you can unplug the U disk (do not unplug the U disk will default to U start the initial interface, so be sure to unplug), and then click '' restart immediately '' computer, as shown below Shown:

Restart the computer to continue Win8.1 installation

7. After unplugging the U disk and restarting the computer, we can see the following familiar system installation interface. The following installation operation is simple. Follow the prompts to complete step by step, as shown in the following figure:

Win8, 1 installation interface

The following is still done automatically, we just need to wait for the completion, as shown below:

Win8.1 and Win8 system installation is different, Win8.1 installation process requires the use of the key, if you buy a genuine Win8.1 system, mainly fill in the provided key, if you do not currently have a key, You can temporarily enter some trial keys:

Win8.1 key activation interface

\u0026bull; Win8.1 Core Installation Key: 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT

\u0026bull; Win8.1 Professional Installation Key: XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB

8, and then will see the license terms operation, here is similar to the computer installation software, as long as the check on the bottom of the 'I accept the use of Windows license terms', and then click the bottom of the 'Next' continue, as shown below Shown:

Accept Win8.1 installation license

9, followed by the Win8.1 personalized interface settings, the first step is to fill in the computer name, where you can name any, the author is directly named the computer Pepsi network URL WwW.PC841.CoM, as shown below:

Fill in the Win8.1 computer name

10, in the next step in this setting, you can save time in order to directly select 'Quick Settings' can be set to a computer to learn more about friends, you can also choose to customize the settings, as shown below:

11, in the next login to the computer settings, we directly select the bottom left corner of the 'Do not use Microsoft account login', and then click Next, as shown below:

12, in the next is still landing computer settings, it is recommended to still choose 'local account' landing can be as shown below:

Next, you need to set up a login user name and password for the computer. This can be set by you. You only need to fill in the user name. If you do not need to set a power-on password, fill in the password, as shown in the following figure:

After the above settings are completed, you can enter the Win8.1 system interface. Press the Win key to quickly switch between the traditional desktop and the start screen. The following figure shows the Win8.1 start screen interface.


U disk installation Win8.1 tutorial to this point on the completion of all, although it looks like a lot of steps, but many operations are completed automatically or follow the prompts, the user needs to operate the difficulty of the project is not much, mainly set the computer U disk to start Many newcomers may not be familiar with it. Overall, the U disk to install Win8.1 is still very simple, I believe after reading this article, we can all learn to install the latest Windows8.1 system.

Should you cherished this article and also you wish to acquire guidance about usb backup drive i implore you to stop by our own site.

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