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A Texas-size company, with award-winning services.

Their Mission?

To endure with Texas.

Make your flooring look like A million dollars, for less.

You either have a garage, Showroom-floor or even a warehouse.

The companies Texas Friendly staff can help, no matter the size of this job.

Who are they?

Epoxy Floors Texas includes been serving Texans since 2008.

Their headquarters is in Houston Texas.

Through expansions, their Services can be found in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

What is Epoxy flooring?

Long lasting, durable Flooring, easy to keep clean.

From start to finish, the Install should just take a few days.

It gets implemented directly To bare concrete.

How they do it?

Repair the floor, so it Becomes a smooth support.

For extra cleaning and a Fantastic bonding, an edging compound is utilized.

After mixing Activator, Base, and anti-slip compound, the Epoxy is ready to apply.

With a paint roller or Sprayer, in 4 to 8-foot segments, the mixture is spread.

As each section is drying, The paint chips are sprinkled in.

Your imagination is their Specialty

Do you want just a Plane-jane look or stand out, with one of a kind creation.

Epoxy flooring Texas can ad Logos, into their flooring design.

The colour combinations, Come in a wide array.

All of their work is Backed with a hundred percent satisfaction guaranty.

Social media

Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp and Angie's List, just to name a few. Reading any of them, shows updates and customers give a five-star rating for those companies work.

Angie's list awarded Epoxy Floors Texas, Best contract service firm, for a couple of years in a row.

If you want a company, With authentic Texas pride in their work, to make your house or business stick out In the crowd, call Epoxy floors Texas. Like linked internet site.

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